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History & Culture

Santa Fe has a rich history of different cultures. Hotel guests of the Santa Fe Sage Inn will learn about New Mexico's fascinating history by visiting museums, pueblos, churches and the New Mexico State Capitol. Enjoy a walking tour at your own pace or participate in the Santa Fe Sage Inn "City Different" walking tour.

On Feast Days pueblos are open to the public. Tribal members will prepare a variety of bountiful meals to share with their visiting guests. Feast Days bring tribal members together to renew their culture, language and native religion. Today, feast days are as much celebrations of ancient Native American traditions and heritage as they are commemorations of Catholic saints. Feast days include traditional dances, cultural activities, food, and arts and crafts vendors.

Visitors are often fascinated to see that pueblo life is a window to another world. Come experience a living culture that carries on the centuries-old traditions of their ancestors.

2013 Pueblo Feast Day Schedule (PDF)

New Mexico History Museum

The New Mexico History Museum has changed the way that New Mexicans and visitors understand state history and the history of the nation. The new museum includes permanent and temporary exhibitions that span the early history of indigenous people, Spanish colonization, the Mexican Period, and travel and commerce on the legendary Santa Fe Trail.

The New Mexico History Museum began as the development of a storage facility for collections at the Palace of the Governors decades ago and has evolved into a first-class museum. The museum concept was spurred by the national rethinking of the role history museums play in communities. They are no longer attics or basements full of long-forgotten objects. They are now places that partner in education, civic engagement, and social change.

The museum serves as the anchor of a campus that encompasses the Palace of the Governors, the Palace Press, the Fray Angelico Chavez History Library and Photo Archives.

New Mexico History Museum
120 Lincoln Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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